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And fortunately, with the warm weather coming soon, we can have classrooms set up outside and that's going to take resources as well. So I think it can be done, and it can be done safely. Q: I talked to a high school teacher from the Bay Area in California yesterday who told me she is very worried about her students who have just disappeared. I mean, they don't engage their video. They don't turn in homework, or they just don't even log in to virtual classes at all. And we've heard this concern from a whole lot of teachers across the country over the past year. How are you, as the secretary of education, going to get those kids back? You know, that teacher really speaks to the heart of the issue here. Every day that passes, students are being disengaged from that sense of community that schools provide, so that teacher is spot-on. And I think it's another example of where we know educators want their students back in schools, but safely. So part of our effort is to really collect data on the disengagement of students and ensure that our resources and our policy are aimed at closing those gaps that are being exacerbated. We know that some students are having better access to learning remotely than others, and we have to monitor that and make sure that we're providing resources to re-engage those students into that school community that, you know, as a parent myself, I know how important it is for our students to be reconnected into that school community. Not only for the academics, but for that sense of family that schools provide. Q: America's public education system, I don't have to tell you, was already suffering before the pandemic from chronic underfunding. In your tenure, are you going to be able to address some of the problems that existed before? Or are you going to just try to get back to neutral, just get public education back to the baseline of what it was pre-COVID? We would be missing an opportunity if our goal was to be what we were on March 10th of last year.

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Inspection data reportedly show a total of 43 health inspections of meatpackers by federal and state occupational safety and find more health programs from March through August, although it is unclear how many focused on COVID-19. As I describe below, some of the 21 states with their own occupational safety and health programs have taken further steps to enforce existing regulations. The most critical task in this pandemic is identifying ill people at an early disease stage, both for their own well-being and for reducing their role in spreading the disease. Although few evaluations of contact tracing for COVID-19 have been published , it appears that these efforts are often frustrated by lack of cooperation from the public. In many cases, employers should be a more reliable source of contact-tracing information. Employers also have their own incentive to prevent employees from spreading disease to fellow workers. An example of state initiatives that focus on employer reporting is a law enacted in California this summer, which requires employers to notify employees when a worker they interact with has a “potential exposure” to COVID-19. The notification requirement extends to contractors the employer is using and to unions representing the employees. The law also requires the employer to notify the local health department within 48 hours following an outbreak, as defined by the California Department of Public Health . The notification to a local health department in California must include the names of the individuals who the employer knows have either had positive tests or diagnoses, been told to isolate by a public health official, or died due to COVID-19. The law also requires the state’s public health department to post information about all worksites with positive test results and the number of cases reported. All of these measures appear consistent with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stipulations. In California, the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health enforces these reporting requirements. All states could adopt similar rules except for the enforcement step. In states with federal occupational safety and health enforcement, states probably cannot assign power to a federal agency to enforce these state rules. Nonetheless, publication of the number of cases reported at each worksite would be valuable for helping federal OSHA target its limited resources, presumably at larger workplaces with more potential to spread infection.
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